What does Betta Fish poop look like?

Bettas poop is usually round and relatively small. The color of the poop can be different depending on the food your Betta eats. In most cases it is brown or tan, sometimes a tint of red. If you detect that your Betta`s poop is yellow or white that is a sign that your Betta is sick. So, what does Betta Fish poop look like?

What does Betta Fish poop look like

How often do Betta fish poop?

Bettas poop several times a day five to six, and that is quite normal. If your Betta poops less that is a sign that something is wrong and you need to check your pet. A sign of constipation is no poop at all and this condition can be serious. 

What does white poop mean?

Many may think that checking your Betta`s poop is a silly thing to do, but it can help you notice problems before they become serious. 

In some situations, your Betta can poop white or light in color. This is an indicator that your pet has parasites. The poop also can turn white from an external bacteria or fungal infection. This condition is rare but can be treated with aquarium medications. Hardly can your fish catch a disease unless you have added a new fish or a plant that has already been infected. 

Betta’s poop can turn white if your pet stops eating and that happens for several reasons. The first thing is stress and the triggers for it are various. They can be connected to new tank mates if a tank is too small or if the fish doesn’t have enough hiding places, if your fish is bored or if the water conditions are poor. 

You need to observe the fish and investigate the reason for the disease. You have to exclude all the stressors and help your pet start eating again. Check the water parameters, rearrange the tank to provide new hiding places and more space. Observe the appearance of your Betta if there are discolored scales, bloating or tattered fins. If you notice other symptoms you have to react fast and treat an illness. 

If your Betta still rejects food try offering live or freeze-dried food, perhaps this will provoke your picky Betta to eat and start pooping regularly. 

Poop hanging from Betta fish – What does it mean?

If you notice that poop is still brown and is hanging from your Betta that is a sign of overfeeding and constipation. If the poop is white long and stringy this may be a sign of internal parasites

Do not forget that a Betta’s stomach is the size of an eye so if you feed it more than two to four pellets more than two times a day you are overfeeding it and you will cause problems. 

Betta Fish Constipation Causes and Symptoms

Constipation with Bettas is more or less the same as with humans. It happens when a fish is unable to poop.  If it lasts long it can seriously harm the health of your Betta. Common is swim bladder which again causes enormous stress to your fish. If a fish is stressed for too long the immune system will weaken and your fish will be exposed and vulnerable to many infections and diseases. The constipation issue won’t kill your Betta but the side effects we listed for sure will. This is like a chain reaction but it can be stopped if you reach in time. 

The sooner you notice something is wrong and identify the symptoms the more successful you will be in treating it. 

Symptoms of constipation are:

  • The poop is white or pale color and stringy often attached to the fish
  • Your Betta stops eating or spits food is another symptom 
  • Your pet is lethargic mostly laying around which can be a symptom of other diseases too so look for more
  • Swollen, bloated belly is another symptom where the digestive tract is blocked with feces and waste backs up so it starts bloating the belly. This symptom is also common with dropsy which is a serious condition so make no mistakes and observe for more symptoms.
  • Your Betta has trouble swimming which also is a symptom of swim bladder disease.

Causes of constipation are:

  • Improper feeding
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Overfeeding

How to help a Betta fish suffering from constipation?

If you are sure that your Betta is suffering from constipation you can start treating it. There are several things you can do to treat your Betta pet from constipation. 

  • Offer your Betta pea and it gives remarkable results. Cook the pea for 30 seconds and if it is frozen for a minute. Cool it a bit with cold water. Then skin the pea and cut it in half and then give half to your Betta. Then starve it for 24 hours and offer another half. Let the pea do the job. As soon as your Betta shows that it is better to begin feeding it normally. 
  • Epsom salt is also used for treating constipation. It works as a muscle relaxant. If needed, quarantine your fish. You should use 1 teaspoon of Epsom salt per 5 gallons of water. Let it dissolve completely and replace the water in the tank. Keep it in the Epsom salt for a week until the condition improves. 

Final thoughts on “What does Betta Fish poop look like?”

We have talked about Bettas digestive tract and pooping.  The most common problem with Bettas poop is constipation. We presented the list of causes and symptoms and also offered a way to help your Betta. 

A brief reminder to prevent any trouble with the digestive tract:

  • Practice weekly fasting for a day
  • Do not overfeed your Betta
  • Provide a balanced diet

Make sure that you follow our suggestions and that way you will avoid blocking the digestive tract of your pet with hard compacted feces and avoid constipation. 

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