Stressed Betta Fish: How To Tell If Your Pet Is Stressed

We definitely don’t want a stressed Betta fish in our tank. If you are wondering whether your Betta fish is stressed you are at the right place. Find out what are the signs and causes of stress and what you can do to make your Betta happy again.

Let’s start!

What makes your Betta feel stressed?

There are several different things that can make your Betta fish stressed. Finding the main cause of stress will help you solve the problem and make your Betta fish happy.

Stressed Betta Fish: A quick checklist

Generally speaking, the answer to this question would be “YES” if you answer positively to one or more of these questions:

  • Is your Betta hiding most of the time?
  • Does it seem lethargic?
  • Is its color fading?
  • Lack of appetite and ignores food
  • Do you notice stress stripes on your female Betta?
  • Does it hold its fins close to the body?

What makes your Betta fish stressed?

Too small fish tank

Anything under 5 gallons is not good for your Betta fish. The water in very small fish tanks becomes dirty pretty quickly which can have a negative effect on your Betta’s health. If this is the case in your situation then consider investing in a bigger fish tank. Just keep in mind that 5 gallons are the minimum for a stress-free Betta.

Overcrowded fish tank

Generally, when we want to add fish to our fish tank ideally, we should 1 inch of fish per gallon. Putting too many fish in the tank will create unhealthy conditions for your Betta.

Improper Conditions

Maybe you have a large tank that is not overcrowded but your Beta is still stressed. Then you should check whether the conditions are just right. Check the water pH level and also the temperature.

Ideally, the pH level should be 7.0 and the ideal temperature at 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do your best to make these values as close to the ideal ones as possible because they are pretty important for your Betta fish.

No Places to Hide

Bettas are very beautiful and it is normal that we want to watch them as much as possible. However, at the same time Bettas like to be alone and this is why they need to have enough places to hide. The lack of hiding places will have a negative effect on your Betta. If you haven’t thought about this it is time to make some changes to your tank setup and add some extra hiding places.

The reasons for stressed Betta fish described in this section are all long-term stress factors and it is better to take care of them as soon as possible. However, there are some shirt term stress causes that can make your Betta feel stressed.

The water conditions have changed suddenly

Sudden changes in the water conditions can shock your Betta which can even make it die. For this reason, we have to make sure the water conditions don’t change swiftly.

For example, you have added too much chemicals into the tank, or added a brand-new decoration. Or maybe your water heater just broke and increased the temperature too much or just the water temperature dropped quickly. If you notice this you should act immediately.

Your Betta is ill

There are different types of illnesses that can affect your Betta. If left untreated they can have a fatal end and that’s why you have to treat them immediately wen noticed.

Bully in the tank

We have already mentioned that Betta fish are generally solitary fish. An aggressive mate in the tank can cause severe stress. It may seem odd that another fish can bully the Siamese fighting fish, but it is actually not uncommon.

The beautiful fins on your Betta fish are a perfect to bite for some other fish. This can result in an extremely stressed Betta fish and at the same time the chances of getting illness such as fin rot is drastically increased.

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