Ping Pong Ball For Betta Fish

After arranging the tank, you can rest for a while. Your Betta pet will spend days inspecting the surrounding, checking all the hiding places you provided, swimming around the tank end enjoying itself. But after some time and it surely depends on Bettas temperament your Betta might get bored since everything around is familiar and nothing new happens in the tank. Above all, it is all alone and it becomes bored. On the other hand, you can become bored watching just one fish swimming around the tank even though it is beautiful you might feel like something is missing. 

If this is the case it is the right time to change something, introduce something new. It may be too early to think of a tank mate but why not a toy. 

When it comes to toys there are a variety of options and Bettas are known for their intelligence and inquisitive nature. They enjoy exploring new things in the tank and learn how to play with them. If you are patient enough you can teach your Betta pet many tricks. 

One of the first toys that you can introduce to your Betta are floating ones and why not begin with a ball. 

Consider buying a ping pong ball for betta fish to entertain it

Do Bettas Like Ping Pong Balls?

Bettas enjoy playing with anything that floats, therefore they will love ping pong balls. They are easy to purchase and don’t cost much. The best thing is that a ball is a trigger to their inquisitive nature.

You may expect at first your Betta to observe it from a distance until it is sure that there is no threat. An unknown object endangering its space can be considered a threat. Take your time and let the fish inspect it. The first time should last too long. Just let the ball and observe how your Betta behaves. If you notice signs of stress, take it out and wait for another opportunity. Repeat the action several days repeatedly and you will surely see the progress. After several attempts your Betta will understand that there is no threat and start swimming really close to the ball. Eventually, you will see your pet showing signs of courage and trying to push the ball. You can try to move the ball slowly with your finger or a stick and after it understands what you want from it the amusement starts. Finally, you can expect to see your Betta playing with the ball, pushing it around the surface of the tank and having fun. 

Can I Put A Ping Pong Ball In My Betta Fish Tank?

You shouldn’t have second thoughts about introducing a ping pong ball to your Betta. It is a great option if your Betta is bored. Floating toys are very interesting to Bettas and you can make no mistakes with a ball. They are safe, cheap and stimulating and above all, both you and your pet will enjoy it.  

Are Ping Pong Balls Safe For Betta Fish

Ping pong ball is maybe the safest toy you can offer your Betta pet. But before you introduce it to the tank make sure you cleaned it properly. You do not want to bring in bacteria or infection to the tank. Rinse it thoroughly and wash it in warm water. You can rub it with salt but no chemicals and soap are advisable. Inspect it before you introduce it to check if it is not damaged, if there are sharp holes your Betta might get hurt and you do not want that. And of course, after the playing time take it out of the tank because if let in the tank it can cause stress to your pet or your Betta might get bored playing with it for too long. Each time you introduce a ball to the tank, wash it carefully. 

Ping Pong Ball For Betta Fish: Benefits

We have already mentioned that Bettas are very inquisitive and curious fish. They enjoy inspecting their surroundings. Since they are done with exploring the tank new items should be introduced because they can be beneficial for several reasons. 

  • Your Betta will become more active and less stressed. 
  • It will be occupied with something new and interesting. 
  • Eventually, it will start playing with it and learn some new tricks.
  •  Like a child with the toy, it will explore options. 
  • Anything that floats near the surface of the water stimulates male Bettas to build a bubble nest
  • Above all your pet will be happier.

Final Thoughts

Introducing toys to your Betta pet can be beneficial for many reasons. Your pet will be more active and above all happier. Choosing the right toy among many offered at the market is not an easy task. But for starters, our recommendation is a ping pong ball which is easy to purchase, cheap, safe and provides fun for both the pet and the owner. We hope that all the information we provided will help you resolve any doubts you had about ping pong ball for a Betta. Now it is your turn, purchase one and see what will happen. 

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