Can You Keep Mystery Snail With Betta Fish?

Sometimes you become worried that your betta feels lonely and that may be true. Finding the right tank mate for your betta can be a challenging job. Before you decide which kind to join with your betta you need to be well informed about all the options. 

Sometimes a new owner decides to go with a snail as a trial version but even with them and bettas can be difficult. There are many kinds of snails and some of them can make a good companion to your betta. They are Nerite snails, Mystery snails, Pond snails, Assassin snails, Ramshorn snails and Japanese Trapdoor snails. 

If you are wondering about a betta and a Mystery snail there are good chances these two species will live in cohesion. Many cases have proven that there were no issues between these kinds firstly due to their size, they are big which bettas do not like. Secondly, because they have extra protection on their shell, an extra door which we will describe later. 

Keeping Mystery Snail with betta

Water Conditions for Mystery Snail and Bettas

Mystery snails and bettas share similar water conditions so that is one of the reasons they can be tankmates. When it comes to water temperature Mystery snails like it between 68 and 84 and bettas like it between 76 and 82. Since bettas preferable temperature is at 78, Mystery snail will be fine with that. The Ph oF the water for Mystery snails should be between 6.5 and 7.5 and that is the same for a betta. Keeping it at 7,0 will be just perfect. Bettas prefer softer water between 5 and 20 DH and Mystery snails need a DH from 12 to 18. Make sure that water hardness stays within the range for both species. Mystery snails have a low tolerance to nitrates under 20 ppm so keep the water changes regularly. 

Mystery Snail and Betta – Do They Get Along?

Mystery snails are calm creatures that are not as active as bettas. But for a snail they are very active. They like to explore the tank and you will enjoy watching them while removing algae with their small teeth called a radula. Their shell, which is round, comes in many colors such as gold, black, blue, olive jade, ivory, black and albino. Their life span is about a year but some can live longer. 

In most cases, bettas do get along with snails, and on the other hand, there is always the shell to protect them. Some bettas will go on harassing the snail, it will even nibble and bite. But if your betta doesn’t reflect much aggression you could try.  There are bettas that eat snails when they are hungry while others do not show any interest. If a betta attacks a snail and bites its eye or antenna, it acts instantly and separates them. In several weeks it will regrow and regenerate so you needn’t worry. If you choose a bigger snail, it will be unlikely that a betta will attack.  It will stay aside. 

Mystery snails and bettas can be good mates because they are quite big, they grow to three inches, and bettas are big android snails. Another thing that is good about mystery snails is that they have a kind of back door called opercula. It is a kind of a trap that helps them hide better inside the shell if they are in danger. 

Can Mystery Snail Eat Betta Food?

Mystery snails can eat bettas because in the wild they eat everything they come across. In the tank, they will eat waste, dead leaves, algae and betta`s leftovers. Just make sure you provide your betta with enough food and do not worry a lot about snails. If they have a tank big enough, they will have enough algae to eat. You can feed your Mystery snail on pellets (shrimp and algae) and some vegetables, they need food that is high in protein and calcium. 

How To Choose a Mystery Snail?

It is very important to choose a healthy mate for your betta because not only can it transfer disease to water but also it can endanger your betta`s health.  What should you pay attention to when choosing a healthy snail?

Always look at the shell first, it should be strong. There shouldn’t be any visible pits on the shell or cracks. The shell must be intact. Look for ones that are active and moving along the tank. Or the ones that are attached at the side of a tank. Check for the tentacles and eyes too. With all these features in mind, you will have no problem picking a healthy specimen. 

How Many Mystery Snails Can I Keep With My Betta?

Introducing a mate always depends on the size of a tank. A mystery snail requires 5 gallons of water and here is your betta and you need a 10 gallons tank. If you want to keep more mystery snails you need 5 gallons per each new inhabitant. They can be a nice decoration to your tank so we recommend the number of three, a betta and a 20 gallons tank. 

How to Introduce a Mystery Snail to a Tank?

You can’t just let snails in the tank and let it be. The first thing you need to do is let the bag that is sealed float for some time in the tank. After that replace half of the water from the bag with tank water and put it back again another half an hour. Repeat this procedure until you pour out all the snail’s water and replace it with the water from a tank. This way your snail will have time to adapt. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, betta and Mystery snails can live together. They are very compatible when it comes to water requirements. Their diet is similar and there are no special demands to indulge Mystery snails over betta.

If you by chance decide to keep them together pay attention to this:

  • Provide a tank that is big enough, 5 gallons per snail and 5 gallons for your betta
  • Have plenty of decorations and plants 
  • Introduce Mystery snails to your tank following the procedure of adaptation
  • Provide a lot of hiding places by carefully arranging the tank
  • Bettas and Mystery snails can live on a similar diet 
  • Provide a balanced diet and make a feeding schedule
  • Keep the water parameters within the range so that it suits both species
  • Introduce a healthy Mystery snail to your betta pet, be careful to choose the one with all the positive features we mentioned.
  • Have another tank ready in case your betta becomes hostile to Mystery snails

Mystery snails are easy to take care of and fun to observe. They are great cleaners and algae eaters and you will surely enjoy having some of these cuties in your tank along with your magnificent betta. 

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