How To Travel With A Betta Fish?

Most people go on vacation from time to time and many of them have pets. Some of them leave them at home and arrange their care while being away, some just provide hosting at specialized places and others take them on holiday.

If you decide to take your Betta fish with you on holiday here are some things you should know.

How To Travel With A Betta Fish

How To Travel With A Betta Fish? Best Ways

First, you need to decide what is the best and safest way to transport your fish. Keep in mind that this is not moving your fish from point A to point B in your home.

Depending on the length of the trip, many things can change. For example, if it is a short, a few hours long trip, the set-up is going to be simple. However, if you decide to take a longer trip, like for a week or more, then the set-up becomes much more demanding.

Maybe one of the safest ways to transport your Betta fish is to put it in a cup or a bag where you would lower the level of water to avoid spilling. You should keep the rest of the water in a separate tank or a jar, or even bottle, in order to add it later when when you arrive at your destination.

There are some useful things like containers which you get from a store when you buy a fish. In many cases they can be very handy, so keep them and use them when the occasion comes up.

Preparation for the travel

Before you leave, you need to be well prepared. You should make plans for your fish transport. Most fish pets will survive for about 48 hours of traveling, but everything more than that increases the chances of health damage and even puts your Betta’s life in danger.

It is advised to change the water a few days before leaving, so you will ensure that the water is clean. You can also change 20 percent of the water every day for five days before leaving and have the same effect, clean water.

The second thing is to avoid feeding your pet a day or two before taking a trip. The main reason is not to mess with the water. Your fish will be fine if it doesn’t eat for a day or two.

Don`t pack your pet too early, wait until the last minute before you leave. Your pet fish should be the last to be packed and the first to unpack when you reach your destination.

Finally, you should keep in mind that fish are not pets that can go along with you on a trip easily. They are extremely sensitive and need certain care and attention when you decide to take them along. Don`t take your Betta fish on a trip just for fun and unless you know how to travel with a Betta fish, and if possible, have someone in charge of your pet while you are away.

What do you need to travel with your Betta Fish?

So, what are the necessary things to travel with your Betta? The most important thing is a pot or a container to keep your Betta safe while traveling. You need something that has a top or cover to prevent the water from spilling.

Second, you need a secure place while traveling. For instance, if you are taking a car trip you can put your Betta on the floor behind the front seats. You can use a box with higher sides which fits right behind the front seats. This will secure the place you are going to use to place your Betta in. Then you need a container with a lid or cover that is big enough to host your Betta.

It is also advisable to use blankets or some piece of cloth to secure the container in the box by tucking them to fill the holes around.

Have enough additional water to do water changes by the schedule. You can also bring a digital thermometer to make sure the temperature is right.

Don`t forget to bring all the things your Betta needs, especially food and a heater (if necessary). You already know that your Betta likes warmer water.

Transporting your Betta fish

The process of transporting isn’t that easy when it comes to pet fish. We recommend you to transport your pet only if you are gone for long or you can’t find anyone you trust to take care of your pet while you’re away.

Of course there is a problem of water maintenance and regular water changes, so perhaps the person you put in charge is not willing to do that. However, keep in mind that sometimes dirty water is less stressful for your Betta than a car trip.

If you don’t know how to travel with a Betta fish and you still want to transport your pet, then you need to follow some steps.

Prepare everything you need well before the trip and secure the container. Prepare the place in your car and secure it so it can`t slide or turn over. The best position is behind the driver’s seat or between the front seat if the vehicle is big enough. That place should be exposed to the least gravity forces while driving, braking and turning.

Make sure that the tank is half-full of clean water with a cover on the top. That way you will avoid spilling and splashing the water. Do not put anything but the fish inside. Putting decorations or plants or rocks can injure your Betta while driving over bumpy roads.

Since the container is only half-full be sure you bring the rest of the water with you to use it when you get to your destination. Keeping the same water parameters by using the same water like the one in the transporting container will cause less stress to your Betta. Stress is the main cause of many health problems with Bettas.

If it’s cold while you’re traveling, pay attention to the water temperature. It is very important for Bettas because they like it warm. Make sure you have a digital thermometer in you to check the water temperature and act if it’s not appropriate.

Upon arrival add the water you brought in the container or a tank where you will keep your pet while on holiday.

How To Travel With A Betta Fish: Things Ao Avoid

We have made a list of things that you should avoid when traveling with your Betta pet. 

  • Avoid bringing the whole tank, use a container or plastic bag.
  • Do not feed your fish before and during the trip, nothing bad will happen if it doesn’t eat a day or two.
  • It is not safe to put decorations in the container while traveling your fish might get injured.
  • Avoid plastic bags that are not sealed, it’s better to use a 5 gallons bucket with a lid.
  • Avoid bringing your Betta pet on a long trip, it is too stressful.

Frequently Asked Questions

– How to travel with a Betta fish on an airplane?

There are airlines that allow pet fish on a plane but you need to provide certain conditions. You have to provide a transparent carry-on bag or a clear transparent container. After it is checked by the TSA officer it can travel with you.

– Can Betta fish live in a closed container?

Even though they originate from shallow waters, Bettas like vast space. It is not advisable to keep a Betta in a small container for too long. The fish will suffer, get ill and eventually die. The other thing is connected to breeding. They take the oxygen from the surface so it is not good if your container does not have holes at the top. After some time and without external oxygen your Betta will die.

– How long can Betta fish go without eating?

In most cases, Bettas can survive without food for fourteen days. Of course, it is not good to leave your pet that long without food, because it will starve to death. It is advised not to leave your Betta unfed for more than four to five days. If you are on a couple of days trip your Betta will be okay but if you decide to go for a longer period of time, please have someone to take care of your pet or just take it with you.

– Can Betta fish survive travel?

Your fish can definitely survive travel if you provide the necessary things for a safe trip. An appropriate transporting container, good water conditions, reduce the stressors to the lowest point such as gravity while traveling, take care of the water temperature and prevent leaking and splashing of the water. With that arranged you can make a trip with your pet fish on board.

Final Words

Once you overcome the frustration caused by taking your Betta on a trip, you can relax a bit. If everything went smooth the first time just repeat the steps and you can start planning another trip. After all, we can say that you know how to travel with a Betta fish. If something goes wrong try not to make the same mistake again.

Everything mentioned above should make traveling with Bettas less stressful. Following the tips given, with all the precautions, you will most probably bring your Betta fish pet to the desired destination.

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