Betta Fish Feeding: How Often Do You Feed a Betta Fish?

If you want your Betta fish to look magnificent with intensive colorful fins you need to provide her with appropriate food. Food is essential for every living thing so as for Betta fish as well.

Before putting a Betta into your aquarium, you need to be well informed about Betta fish feeding and learn how to provide it with all the necessary nutrition and how often do you feed a Betta fish.

How to feed a Betta fish?

Bettas are carnivores that feed on insects and larvae when in the wild. If you want to provide a healthy diet for your Betta fish you need to get to know their natural diet.  The most important thing is that their food needs to be rich in proteins. They can hardly survive and they can starve to death in small tanks on roots and plants.

In most pet stores, there are specially made Betta fish pellets or flakes for Bettas made of high-protein formula. Betta pellets are much easier when it comes to determining the portion, not to exaggerate with Betta fish food and cause overeating which is more common. You can provide different treats such as frozen or freeze dried brine shrimp or bloodworms.

How often do you feed a Betta fish a day?

It is recommended that you feed a Betta fish once or twice a day if you have a baby Betta fish that should intensify to 3 to 5 times a day. With mature Betta fish which is more common, the best is if you do it in the morning and in the evening so that there is enough time between the meals to digest the food given.

If you decide to go with treats it is advisable to give them to your Betta once or twice a week. That’s how often you feed your Betta fish.

How much should you feed a Betta fish?

If you use a pellet to use Betta fish you can give it one to two per meal twice a day. Pellets tend to expand when you put them in the water so all not eaten food will finish at the bottom if not eaten. Then you need to get rid of uneaten Betta fish food once in a couple of days in order to keep your aquarium clean. Dirty water can cause many diseases and harm Betta fish greatly.

What to do if a Betta fish will not eat?

There are times when you notice your Betta fish isn’t eating. There is a reason for it and one can be that your Betta is a bit picky. If that happens try to feed your Betta fish with different food in the time it will eat anything you put just be patient.

The other case can be connected to adaptation to artificial conditions. Some Bettas moved from natural habitats that are not mature enough. They have always eaten live food and now they have to understand that food can be in different shapes.  They will learn soon, just don`t give up.

You also need to be sure that your Betta sees the food you provide if it still doesn’t eat then you need to observe for other reasons.

Another reason why a Betta doesn’t eat can be connected to water conditions so check the parameters especially the water temperature of your tank to be sure that that is not the case. If the temperature is in the range of 76 to 82 degrees, then you need to deal with other parameters which have changed.

Bettas often lose their appetite when they are sick. Maybe your fish is sick so try looking for signals that point out the most common conditions with Bettas.

Finally, if there is nothing you can do, try looking for professional help.

Frequently asked Questions

How many days can a Betta fish go without food?

Depending on the eating habits of a Betta it is hard to say with certainty how long can it live without food. There are proofs that a Betta can go without food for two weeks but don’t take this for granted.

In general, a Betta will begin to thrive after several days, in most cases 4 to 5 days. So, if you decide to go on a longer holiday, have someone feed your Betta fish or you will find it dead after a week or so.

Do you have to feed your Betta fish every day?

It is advisable to feed your Betta fish every day and if possible two smaller portions at least twelve hours apart. That way your fish will acquire routine.

Some pet owners include a fast every two weeks that last for 24 hours. Nothing bad will happen to your Betta if you do the same. Keep in mind that they can survive without food for 4 to 5 days.

Can you overfeed a Betta fish?

Betta’s stomach is quite small; it is approximately the size of their eye so they don’t need much food. It is very easy to overfeed them so you need to be attentive about it. With their large appetite don`t let them trick you and give them much more than they really need. You can harm them greatly by overfeeding your Betta fish.

Can a Betta fish die from overfeeding?

Overfeeding is one of the reasons that can kill a Betta. Don’t follow food producer instructions about feeding your Betta fish. Observe your pet and find an optimal balance of the amount of food you are going to present to it. Most certainly avoid overfeeding.

Final Thoughts

Having considered all the facts connected to feeding your Betta fish, keep in mind the most important ones like – How often do you feed a Betta fish, Is brine shrimp good for Betta fish and so on. Provide your Betta fish two meals a day at least 12 hours apart. Pay attention that food given to your Betta fish is rich in proteins. Do not overfeed it or starve to death. If you keep to all this you will have a healthy and happy fish to enjoy.

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