How Many Female Bettas In A 10 Gallon Tank?

As you have already heard, Bettas are tricky fish to keep if you decide to go with more than just one. With male Bettas you can be sure that only one will stay alive however, this doesn’t simply imply to female Bettas. We will explain to you everything you need to know how to keep multiple female Bettas successfully in your tank. 

What Is Betta Sorority?

The phrase Betta sorority refers to a group of female Bettas that live in harmony in the same aquarium. Even though by many this is improbable, female Bettas can live together in harmony if certain conditions are fulfilled. Once the order of a peck is established, they can live together peacefully. Provide proper conditions for Bettas such as temperature between 78 and 82°F, pH around 7, nitrates level less 20 ppm and the level of nitrites and ammonia around 0,00. The water should be softer between 5 and 20 DH and of course, keep the stress level at a minimum. 

The sorority is formed if there are at least four and a maximum of six females. If you go with two, the dominant one will keep bullying the weaker one until it kills her. If you go with three two dominant Bettas will join to attack the weak one until they kill her, then they will fight between each other. So, the safest number to go with is four.   

Like with males, they do tend to show aggression and territorial behavior but when the order is set everything calms down. For a sorority, you should choose females of different colors because they tend to be more aggressive towards those who look very similar. If they look different, they will feel like there is another kind around and maybe even ignore it. 

How Many Female Bettas In A 10 Gallon Tank

When it comes to joining a sorority, you need to choose Bettas first. Pick the ones with the best looks and features.  The best would be to choose those of approximately the same age and size. If they are similar by age and size but different in colors, they will feel more equal and the tendency to fight will be reduced. 

Our advice is to introduce them all at the same time. That way you will probably avoid territorial disputes since they are all new, they will set their parameters at the same time. Observe them for a while until they all settle down. It will happen as soon as the hierarchy is established, hopefully fast. If you notice any fish bullied excessively it is better to remove it from the tank than let the stress cause further problems and illnesses. 

Another way you can introduce a sorority to your aquarium is by adding them all within the same time but following the order. Let the calmest Betta first and let her nose around for 15 minutes. Then let the second passive in line and let her for another fifteen minutes. Take this line so that the most aggressive female enters the tank last. To remind you, the least number is four the most you can introduce is six and we recommend you to with six female Bettas. During the first few days, you will notice signs of aggression and fin nipping but that can be quite normal for a sorority tank. Unless there are strong signs of aggression you needn’t remove any fish from the tank. 

What Is The Ideal Tank Size For A Betta Sorority?

The crucial part when we talk about Bettas and keeping them in a sorority is the tank size. The smallest tank you can use is ten gallons. This doesn’t mean that they will be quite comfortable but they could live peacefully. A much better option is if you go with a bigger tank. 20 gallons and more will most certainly ensure better living conditions, more open space and a situation where there will hardly be any chance for a conflict. So, the bigger the tank you provide they will have more space to swim or hide they will keep out of each other’s way and no conflict will arise.

When we talk about tanks you should also know that longer tanks are much better than tall ones. Bettas mostly occupy the top of the tank because they take the air from the surface. They also feed around the surface so if a tank has more space around the top Bettas will feel more comfortable and be less stressed. 

If you set the tank with proper parameters you need to arrange the environment by Bettas taste too. Have plenty of plants and shelters for Bettas so they can chill out. Since each of the females will choose its own territory make sure they have enough caves, plants, decorations and driftwood. Heavily equipped tanks, but not over-equipped, will prevent Bettas to meet a lot and therefore prevent conflict. 

Is A 10-gallon Tank Good For Bettas?

Since we have already talked about tank sizes let us just remind you that a ten gallons tank is OK for a sorority of four Bettas. However, if you overload your tank with plants, decorations and other things inside, hardly there will be any space left for a Betta to swim freely. There is also a possibility that they will meet more often and come across each other due to lack of space so a conflict may occur. 

To conclude, a ten-gallon tank will do the job but if there is an option you should go with a bigger tank and surely all will work out better for your sorority of Bettas. 

Can You Create a Betta Sorority In A 10 Gallon Tank?

If you are very attentive with decorating the tank and fulfill all the requests for keeping Bettas you can arrange a sorority in a ten-gallon tank. Due to lack of space and issues connected to bioload anything under ten gallons is unacceptable. 

How Many Female Bettas In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Our advice to you is to go with a maximum of five Bettas and better four in a ten-gallon tank. That way it won’t be overcrowded because you need to introduce live plants too and provide hiding places such as caves and decoration and all that occupies certain space. 

Final Words

Bettas are magnificent unique fish that will enrich any home. If you decide to form an aquarium with a sorority of Bettas you will surely present a breathtaking sight.

However, you need to put some effort into arranging the tank and preparing it properly before you introduce a sorority of Bettas. This surely doesn’t mean that it will be harmonious inside the tank but it is a good starter. 

Hopefully, after establishing the order within the peck things will go well and you will be able to enjoy your masterpiece completely. 

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