Betta Fish Food: Dried Shrimp for Betta Fish

Bettas are carnivores who in the wild feed on live insects, larvae and bugs. A high protein level is required in their diet that provides a healthy life. So, if you want to provide a long and healthy life, here is the list of groceries to purchase: pellets, flakes, bloodworms, daphnia and of course brine shrimp.

What is dried shrimp? They are penny sized orange and pink sun-dried shrimp used mostly in Latin American and Asian cuisine. They are salty with a chewy texture and are served whole or chopped in stuffing’s, salads and noodles. 

What is a Dried Shrimp?

Dried shrimps are those that are sun-dried and therefore shrunk to a size of a thumb. They are served in famous restaurants as a part of the main course or a salad but they are also used as a portion of fish food. 

And what are shrimps? Let us learn more about those small creatures. Artemia or brine shrimp come as small as eggs that can be stored up to two years in oxygen-dry conditions but they hatch within a couple of hours when you place them in salt water.

There are several kinds of shrimps on the market and three of the best are ghost shrimp, cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp that can live with Bettas and not be served as a meal. 

They are about 0,4 mm when hatched and adults reach 10 to 12 mm in length. Shrimps can be used for feeding a great variety of fish among which are our Bettas.

dried shrimp for betta fish

What Is the Best Shrimp for Betta Fish?

Live Shrimp

Live shrimp is one of the most popular foods for aquarium fish which can be served to fish at any life stage. They are a great source of protein and vitamins A and D. However, with all kinds of live foods you need to be careful because bacteria and parasites can be transferred into the tank or the fish. 

Freeze-Dried Shrimp

Freeze dried shrimp can last for a very long time, up to a month. They are an excellent choice for your Betta because they are full of proteins and very tasteful. They are a safer alternative to live shrimps because they are free from bacteria and parasites. They come in the shape of cubes and you need to cut them into smaller pieces before serving them to your Betta. 

Frozen-Dried Shrimp

Frozen dried shrimps are a great choice for your Betta especially because they last very long. They can be left for a while to melt but you do not have to do that because they melt as soon as you put them in the water. You just put the rest of the uneaten food in the freezer after taking out the amount you need for a meal. The best is if you chop them with a hammer while they are in the bag, that way you can pick the pieces to a size that is enough for a meal. The rest of the broken frozen shrimp stays in the bag and goes back to a freezer until the next feeding. 

Homegrown Shrimp

Like many other foods offered to Bettas, shrimps can be produced in home conditions too. You need to provide a saline environment and a container. Some kinds prefer room temperature, others on the other hand request temperature around and over 80 degrees. They hatch 24 to 48 hours after you put them in salty water. Another thing they need is a food solution that consists of yeast, sugar and fish flakes in a form of powder to feed them on. After 4 to 6 weeks the most of them reach maturity and can be served as a full meal.

Do Bettas like Dried Shrimp?

Bettas, like all carnivores, love shrimp. They should be a part of their diet because they are rich in proteins and vitamins. Do not make shrimp a regular food for your Betta. Have a balanced diet with various foods that cover all the nutrients necessary.

How and how often to feed your Betta with Dried Shrimp?

One portion of food should be the size of an eye and that amount should be for two meals. If the Betta appears bloated you need to cut the portion.

There is always an issue with overfeeding and why is that? Well, by nature Bettas are greedy and, in most cases, they will eat anything you present. On the other hand, in the wild that is rarely the case. They have to look for food and hunt the prey. They hardly have plenty of food in nature and therefore can overeat themselves. If your pet overeats, troubles arise, they start suffering from constipation, digestive blockage, swim bladder disease and bloating. If these health issues become constant you could kill your Betta. 

The best thing you could do in that case is to leave the Betta fast for some time so it digests all the food it has swallowed. When the symptoms disappear then start normal feeding again.

Constipation in most cases appears as a consequence of overfeeding but in rare cases it can show up due to a poor diet. Offering your Betta dry food or one poor in moisture will expand Betta’s stomach after being eaten and cause blockage. In these cases, it is better to soak the food before offering so that it comes to real size. 

To Sum Things Up – Is Dried Shrimp Good for Betta Fish?

Dried shrimps are a great choice for your Betta and your task as an owner is to provide a well-balanced diet. With shrimps on the grocery list, they have all the components for a healthy diet but you shouldn’t feed your Betta only on them. They should be a part of a varied diet presented to your fish once or twice a week. Only feed your Betta the recommended daily amount which is a portion half a size of an eye. For all the benefits from shrimps, you should most definitely put them on your Betta`s menu. 

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