Do Bettas Need Air Pumps?

Every fish needs oxygen to breathe but things can differ with bettas. Bettas can live without an air pump only because they have developed a special respiratory organ.  Most fish use gills but Bettas also use an organ called a labyrinth which helps them take very small amounts of air. This is the main reason why a betta can live in a bowl or a tank without a pump. However we need to ask ourselves – Do Bettas need air pumps?

What Do Air Pumps Do?

The main task of air pumps is as the name suggests to produce air. First, let us emphasize the importance of air produced by an air pump. What does the pump actually do? 

The air pump produces additional oxygen that the fish need to breathe. It pushes air through the water and thus produces air movements in the form of bubbles that are created by pressure. Thus, the water is enriched with oxygen and carbon dioxide is sent to the surface. 

What types of Air Pumps there are?

The market offers a variety of air pumps nowadays. There are different types of air pumps and they are most often divided into three groups: plug-in, battery-powered and battery backup.

The most common air pump that you can come across today is a plug-in air pump. You just need electricity; you plug it in and run 24/7. This is a rather simple and reliable solution for users, you don’t have to turn it on and off, you can even adjust the speed and strength of the bubbles it produces.

The second type you can come across are battery-powered air pumps. They operate using batteries but there are things you should know about before choosing this type. The advantage is that they are small and handy.  Batteries last up to eight hours which can be useful in a situation of a power outage. A big disadvantage is that they are too loud and unpleasant to hearing which in time becomes irritating so you can’t enjoy the tank completely.

The third option is a combination of the first two types. It is also the most recommendable one and this is why. You use the outlet but also have a place for batteries inside the unit. If the power goes out the backup unit uses battery power to carry on working. Your fish can’t suffer a lack of oxygen cause there isn’t any.

Types of Air Pumps – what to pay attention to?

Although we know the answer to the question “Do Bettas Need Air Pumps?”, if you decide to get an air pump here are some guidelines that can help you choose the best option for you. There are many types in today’s market so you need to be careful what you choose.

First of all, you should look for something that will last and has more options to choose from like strength, speed etc.

 Secondly, the noise that produces, you need a quiet one. If it`s too loud not only that the sound will irritate you but your fish too. In the end, they don`t have to be too expressive, the price varies so search for the best option keeping these guidelines.

Do Bettas Like Air Pumps?

Do Bettas need air pumps at all?

Air pumps are not necessary for bettas but that doesn’t mean they don’t like them. Bettas actually like air pumps for two reasons. First because they provide them with extra oxygen which they use with the help of additional respiratory organs labyrinth. 

Another reason that is perhaps more important for bettas is that air pumps provide them with good entertainment. How so? An air pump operates by making bubbles or balloons that are like a toy to bettas

Of course, you should be careful here as well, because bettas do not like too much water movement, so if the air pump produces too many bubbles or works too loud to produce great noise, it will cause stress for your fish. The Moderate Intensity and Quiet Mode of operation is something that will make your fish’s environment interesting and it will be happy showing itself in full splendor.

Can Air Pumps Cause Problems For Bettas?

Air pumps can actually cause problems. Since a pump provides water movements if they are too strong, bettas become stressed out. If that carries on it leads to health issues which usually reflect in loss of appetite and sometimes agitation.

When Should You Use An Air Pump

There are several reasons when you should use an air pump. Firstly, it provides agitation which is important for gas exchange. It helps oxygen find its way into the water and carbon dioxide to find its way out. Providing a constant flow of bubbles will help gases in and out of the water so we come to the other reason.

Secondly, the more oxygen a pump provides the healthier fish tank you get. Oxygen is beneficial for the fish so as the plants in the tank and even for small bacteria that are also very important for the ecosystem.

Thirdly, they look great, you see the whole picture with your happy fish inside, surrounded with plants, playing with bubbles – very idyllic. You can rest your eyes for hours enjoying the view listening to the calming sound of your tank. Or if you treat yourself before going to sleep – sweet dreams you will have.

Finally, they allow you to use cheap filtration using sponge filters. They are very effective, cheap and easy to move inside a tank.

Final thoughts on Do Bettas need air pumps??

If we consider everything we talked about we, we can draw several conclusions. Bettas don’t really need an air pump. They have a developed respiratory system through which they breathe, so they do not need additional oxygen. But a lot goes in favor of such a piece of equipment. It can enrich the space and be very useful. The air pump will firstly provide additional oxygen that will benefit this small ecosystem. Fish will be happier because they will not only have extra oxygen but also good fun playing with bubbles. So yes, if you can you should provide an air pump.

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