Do Betta Fish Sleep? A Brief guide

If you are a Betta fish owner then you know how enjoyable it is to observe its colorful beauty. While observing, you can notice that your fish becomes too calm and may think that something’s wrong with it. There are many things related to fish that are quite often but rarely answered. One of those is – do Betta fish sleep?

Like most animals, Betta fish sleep as well. They do sleep during the night just with their eyes open because their anatomy is different – they don’t have eyelids. If you see your Betta still in a corner or lying on a plant, the bottom or just floating at the top of your tank, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your Betta. It’s either sleeping or just taking a nap. How long Betta fish sleep depends on a Betta and it is an individual need like with people. Some needed more, others less sleep.

Do Betta Fish Sleep

How many hours do Betta fish sleep?

Betta fish sleep most of the night which is not the rule with most fish which are considered nocturnal. This is very similar to people’s behavior- sleeping at night. It is also known that Bettas take short naps during the day frequently. So in total, your Betta might sleep from 12 to 14 hours which is normal and you do not need to panic. Nothing is wrong with your Betta if you see her lying still.

Signs that your Betta is sleeping

There are signs that show that your Betta is sleeping. It can lie still or be in different places and positions. Sometimes it is at the bottom of the aquarium or just at the top floating. You can find her attached to a plant or some other decoration inside a tank. Still, floating with eyes open your Betta is resting, sleeping. It appears motionless and doesn’t respond to things that are around. Pay attention to gills and you will see that your fish isn’t dead- it’s breathing slowly.

What to do to help your Betta fish sleep?

There are tricks that you can do to provide your Betta better sleep. Firstly, you need to turn off or lower the light at night so that your Betta moves to a sleeping pattern. Some owners make a mistake with the aquarium at night. Before sleeping, they turn the lights to enjoy their aquarium sight and relax. They leave the light so that beautiful view puts them to sleep. This is quite wrong because people also can`t sleep under strong light. Night – dark is connected to sleep and it is the same with fish. They need darkness to put them in a sleeping mode. So when you go to sleep, turn off the light on your aquarium.

Secondly, you need to add some shade to your tank. Choose some decorations that provide shades like pants or caves or shells. This will help a lot to your fish to have day naps when needed. It also gives them a good hiding place.

Thirdly, avoid making noise and producing sharp sounds. Don`t tap your tank to disturb your fish if you see her still breathing slower than usual.

What does it mean if a Betta sleeps a lot?

We have already said that in general Betta fish sleep between 12 and 14 hours. Maybe it sounds a lot but it is quite normal for Bettas to sleep that much. If you want a healthy and happy Betta it needs sleep. By observing your fish eventually, you will understand its sleeping pattern and schedule. Some Betta fish sleep long, others longer but in general, they sleep a lot. It doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your Betta if it sleeps a lot, but it also can happen. If you notice that your Betta fish sleep more than usual pay attention to the signs, the way it is lying, breathing too. It may be a condition or illness that needs treatment.

Final Thoughts on “Do Betta Fish Sleep?”

To sum up, all living beings sleep. Bettas sleep like you do. Their way of sleeping differs a bit from ours. They sleep with their eyes open because they lack eyelids. They breathe slower when sleeping or taking a nap. A good and healthy Betta sleeps a lot and it is quite normal. Provide good conditions for your Betta to have frequent naps and a night of good sleep and you will have a healthy and happy fish around.

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