Do Betta Fish Need Light? A Brief Guide

Do Betta fish need light? Most fish like light and it is the same with Bettas. They do like light but not too intense. Pick a standard aquarium light and your Betta will be pleased. Bettas prefer plants and plants need light to grow. So additional light beside the daylight is highly recommended. 

Do Betta Fish Need Light

Are Betta fish OK in the dark?

Bettas don’t have good night vision. They can manage their way in murky water but in pure darkness, they will rest and sleep. They need periods of light and periods of darkness too. 

Do Betta fish need light at night?

If you keep a Betta or any other fish it is important to simulate the conditions in their natural habitat. That means that you need to fulfill the water requirements, a balanced diet and a healthy living place in general. It is the same with light. You should provide periods of light and periods of dark. 

Like in nature during the night fish rest and sleep is a process that influences the health and growth of your pet.  

You should provide Bettas with 12 to 16 hours of dark so Bettas do not need light at night. Let your pet sleep and rest. With the light on during the night, you will provoke stress and that is the trigger for many serious conditions.

Do Bettas Prefer Natural Light or Artificial Light?

Bettas prefer natural sunlight and their wake and sleep pattern. So, you make sure that the tank is in a good position exposed to sunlight. Find a perfect spot in your home for both you to enjoy and your fish to be happy. If you expose your Betta to too much sunlight it can be overstimulated and can cause stress and later other dangerous conditions. At the same time too much sunlight is not good for your aquarium because it can lead to increased growth of algae in the tank.

Will too much light harm your Betta?

In most cases, too much light will hurt your pet. If you expose it to too much sunlight you will overstimulate it and it will be stressed. If you use too much artificial light the same thing will happen. Just to remind you that stress is the cause of many dangerous conditions. It weakens the immune system and the fish is vulnerable to many infections and diseases.

How long should Betta fish have a light?

If we follow the pattern of sleep and wake your Betta should have six to eight hours of light and twelve to sixteen hours of dark.  

What’s the best light for Betta fish tank?

There are many manufacturers to choose light from but the most recommendable for your Betta is fluorescent. We will give you three reasons for this:

  1. Fluorescent light doesn’t produce a lot of heat, additional heat isn’t necessary if you have provided a temperature between 76 and 82 degrees. Even though it’s warm you do not want to overheat your pet.
  2. The second reason is that fluorescent lamps have a long life. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time and money on changing it often. It is recommendable to change the bulb once a year because it will grow dimmer over time. 
  3. The third thing is that fluorescent light helps plant growth. Plants are good for your fish because they provide additional oxygen and they are good hiding places. 

There are other options to choose from depending on your needs and desires. If you want to provide fast growth for your plants then you should use metal halide lights.  They are especially suitable for large tanks and they provide a pleasant lighting effect in the tank. But there is a down side with this light, they provide too much heat and they are expensive. 

You can try with led light as well, they won’t heat the tank and it is the light that covers more of the full spectrum.

Final thoughts on Do Betta fish need light

 It is up to you to choose which of the lighting arrangements you like best. You need to calculate your Betta`s needs and the cost of the light.  It needs to be economical, to last long and not to heat water additionally to harm your fish. 

The simplest and maybe the best choice is a glass cover that can hold one or two fluorescent bulbs. Let your fish enjoy the light during the day time and do not forget to turn it off when you want to provide rest and sleep for your Betta pet. It needs it to be healthy and to grow. 

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