How Long Are Betta Fish Pregnant?

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First, we need to understand the word pregnant which means that an embryo or fetus develops inside the body. With Bettas, this isn’t the case. They do not carry their young inside their body and … Read more

Do Betta Fish Shed Their Skin?

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It can be pretty stressful when you notice your Betta fish shedding or molting its scales or fins as they do not normally do that. If so, it is a typical indication of a symptom … Read more

Betta Bulbs: Do You Really Need Them?


There comes the time when setting up the tank needs some improvement and somehow plants come up as a good choice. Good thing is that aquatic plants not only enrich the sight but also come … Read more

Betta Fish Flaring Gills (Explained)

Betta Flaring Gills Featured

If you enjoy observing your Betta you may notice your Betta fish flaring gills at you. The sight may look interesting because it appears bigger but then you start wondering what it means and is … Read more

Ping Pong Ball For Betta Fish

ping pong ball for betta fish

After arranging the tank, you can rest for a while. Your Betta pet will spend days inspecting the surrounding, checking all the hiding places you provided, swimming around the tank end enjoying itself. But after … Read more

Betta Fish Swimming Erratically: Top 10 reasons


Bettas are magnificent small creatures that offer you pleasure, enjoyment or entertainment. They are present to refine and decorate your home. Mostly they serve as a decoration of majestic colors for pure pleasure. That idyllic … Read more