Can Two Female Betta Fish Live Together?

Depending on the tank size, the number of female Bettas that can be kept together varies. However, the question is can two female Betta fish live together?

Arrange the aquarium so that you have a lot of shelters, plants, places where they can hide from others because it is still a territorial fish that likes to have its own space. 

The minimum space for a Betta fish is considered to be 2.5 gallons of water. Of course, heating, water filtration and an adequate hiding place need to be provided. Our recommendation is at least 5 gallons of water to give the fish complete enjoyment. However, having more tenants changes the situation significantly. We need to remind you that female bettas go in groups of 4-6 to form a betta sorority. They need a minimum of 10 gallons of water. The bigger the tank is they will enjoy more.

can two female betta fish live together

Do female Bettas fight?

It is not common for them to fight, but they know how to fight. Sometimes it happens that they fight a lot. In general, they are not as aggressive as males, and it rarely happens that the female Betta fish fight leads to death as it does with males. Whether they will fight or not depends on the size of the aquarium and how you arranged the aquarium.

 Whether you have a lot of hiding places, plants, stones, shells, houses, whether you have other species of fish in the same aquarium and which species, whether they are larger or smaller, whether they are aggressive or not. If you put 5-6 female Betta fish, and you don’t have plants, you don’t have shelters and everything is in a small aquarium, then they will probably be prone to more frequent conflicts. 

Why do my female Betta fish fight?

An aquarium is a complex ecosystem. This means that in order for everything to work properly, you have to take care of the details when arranging the aquarium, as well as their tenants, so to speak. Each species of fish has its character, its nature, what it likes and what it does not like. If you do not place everything in the aquarium in accordance to what they need to have, the species you keep, you will have a problem.

This is probably the cause of the conflict of your female Betta fish. Maybe there are too many of them in a small space, in a small aquarium. Or you don’t have enough plants, enough shelter, etc. Of course, fish also have a character, so some of them may be simply more aggressive than others and are constantly looking for conflict. However, if their number is proportional to the size of the aquarium, if you have a lot of plants and shelter, you should not have frequent conflicts. 

Will female Bettas fight until they kill each other?

This rarely happens. We cannot say that it is impossible to happen, but statistically, it is very rare for them to fight till the end. 

How do I stop my two female Bettas from fighting?

In essence, you can’t stop them, you can only improve the conditions in which they live, put them in a larger aquarium so that each has enough space for themselves and thus reduce the possibility of hail. If that doesn’t work, you have to somehow partition them in the same aquarium so that they can’t have physical contact. 

How many female Bettas can be in a tank?

The number of female Betta fish you should keep in the same aquarium depends on the size of the aquarium. If you start from some rules and standards, then you can add one for every 15 liters of water. So, as you would like to have 5 of them in the same aquarium then the aquarium should not be less than 75 liters of water or 20 gallons. The rule here is that the more free space, the better for them. 

Can two female Betta fish live together: Final Thoughts

These fish are really great. They come in a variety of colors, their fins are very beautiful, especially when they swim. Each is beautiful in its unique way. Having an aquarium is generally a very nice and healthy hobby that has a relaxing and positive effect on those who just look at the aquarium as well as on those who do everything from forming the aquarium, arranging the interior, choosing species, and everything that goes with it.

So, can two female Betta fish live together? Well, the answer is – Yes. However, if you want everything to work properly, it is best to do some research and preparation first, what you want, how to arrange it, etc. After you have done everything properly, do not overdo it and do not add more fish than your aquarium can handle. Otherwise, you will have constant conflicts among the tenants, just like everywhere where you do not have enough space for yourself. It is the same with humans, animals, and fish. 

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