Can Betta Fish Live With Guppies?

If you are a Betta lover and you want to introduce a new fish to your tank you need to keep in mind that Bettas are by nature aggressive and they tend to be very territorial. Having that in mind you have to do research on which kind of fish would be a good mate for your Betta.

If you are asking yourself – Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies? – our answer is yes, guppies can live in the same aquarium with Bettas after certain conditions are fulfilled. You will have less work if you keep a female Betta because in general, they tend to be less aggressive than males.

Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies

Water Conditions for Guppies and Bettas

The most important thing about fish is the ecosystem. The way you arrange the tank. If you provide good conditions your fish will be healthy and happy and you will by all means enjoy it.

Since we said that Bettas and guppies can live together that means that the water conditions in the tank are compatible. Let’s see what each kind needs individually.

Guppies originate from South America and unlike Bettas, they are found in lakes and rivers. Bettas come from paddies from South Asia. Their environment and the way they originate is different, but is it really?

Guppies like their water between 74 and 82 degrees while Bettas prefer a bit warmer from 78 to 80 degrees. You can hold Bettas preferable temperature between 78 and 80 and both fish will be happy.

When it comes to the pH of the water for guppies it should be 6.8 to 7.8 and Bettas like it 7.0. So again, stick to Bettas water parameters and you will make no mistakes.

Guppies’ behavior – Do they get along with Bettas?

You have seen that the water conditions match and that they can live together. Now, this is the first thing acquired but maybe more important about making these two kinds tank mates is gender.

Male Bettas are more aggressive by nature but females are known to be hostile too. Let’s see which combination in terms of gender can we join.

Male Betta and male guppies- are a killing combination especially because male guppies have brightly colored flowing tails. With its tails, they will most certainly provoke Bettas. The way male guppies look will cause trouble for sure and result in male Betta killing male guppies.

Male betta and a female guppy- in this case, caution is advised because even though female guppies look duller than males in their appearance, colorful tails could also provoke Bettas. So, our advice is to avoid this combination too.

Female Betta and a female guppy- this seems to be the best combination since female Bettas are still aggressive but less aggressive than males. Most probably the way female Bettas look won`t provoke female Bettas to attack. By all means, this is the safest combination for new owners.

Female Betta and a male guppy– as female Bettas are less aggressive and this seems like a good idea it should be avoided because male guppies will mistake Bettas for guppies and try to breed. Bettas won’t like that and most certainly will attack guppies.

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food?

Bettas can be picky eaters and they need a variety of food. The most suitable food for Bettas are pellets and flakes but you should add some insects, meat, plants and much more.

Guppies are more or less the same, they eat the same food as Bettas. Guppies will eat pellets and flakes but also mosquito larvae or bloodworms like Bettas. Guppies also eat algae and that way helps your tank stay clean.

Guppies eat twice to three times a day but if you want to have the same schedule as with Bettas then in the morning and in the evening is OK. It is also recommended to let guppies fast like Bettas for a day once in a while.

In general Bettas and guppies eat the same food except that Bettas eat meat which is not necessary for guppies. If guppies try to eat Bettas food you need to do something to avoid attack and fight. You could try feeding Bettas on one end of the aquarium and guppies at the other. The second thing is to try using a net keeping guppies away while a Betta finishes its meal. That can be difficult but, in some cases, feeding them separately is the only way for them to be mates.

How to choose Guppies?

When you decide to choose a guppy, you need to know several things. Always pick guppies that are energetic with smooth scales and intact fins. Always check the tank conditions where guppies are settled. The water has to be clean and filtered. No dead fish swimming around or bed smell spreading from the tank. Always ask a seller what diet he used so that you adapt your fish quicker. If you are not happy with what you see, try another pet store.

How many Guppies can I keep with my Betta?

When we talk about space the size of a tank is of most importance. It is advisable to have 1 gallon of water per fish. If you have a five-gallon tank you could have one Betta and three guppies. They would feel comfortable. But if you decide to keep more guppies you should consider having a bigger tank.

Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies? Final thoughts

Having considered all mentioned above give a short summary regarding our question – Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies?

Bettas and guppies are very compatible in terms of water parameters and food. It is easy to set perfect conditions for both kinds of fish. Keep the water temperature between 78 and 80, the pH of the water at 7,0 and the level of nitrates at 0. That way both fish will have perfect living conditions.

Bettas occupy the top of the tank while guppies mostly swim in the middle, rarely the top. That way they rarely jeopardize each other’s space. But in some cases, guppies tend to go to the top. To avoid beta’s attack, you need to provide a lot of plants and hiding places in the tank.

You should have a spare tank or a tank divider before joining these fish as a measure of precaution. Also, pay attention to gender before introducing guppies to a Betta. In some cases, it is better to add a Betta after you add all the other fish. This would stop Betta from thinking that someone has endangered its territory.

After everything is said it’s up to you whether you are going to have a try or not. Good luck.

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