Betta Fish Toys: How to Entertain a Betta Fish?

You love your betta fish and want to keep it happy, so you might be wondering if there are betta fish toys you can introduce into its tank. The good news is that there are, and they will entertain you just as much as your fish!

However, before we talk about how to entertain a betta fish, it’s important that you have the proper setup. According to the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois, you should offer your betta fish at least a 5-gallon tank so that they have enough room to play and go about their regular activity. 

Top Betta Fish Toys

Now that your betta fish has a larger tank under its “scales,” let’s cover some of the fantastic toys you can use to fill the underwater space.

Moss Ball

Moss balls serve two purposes for bettas—they soak up unwanted phosphates and nitrates while serving as a fun toy.

You can set the moss ball in your betta’s tank without squeezing it so the moss ball will float at the surface. Alternatively, you can drench it in water so that it sinks to the bottom of the tank.

We recommend letting the moss ball float at first. Then, let it sink to see which your betta fish finds more fun.

Floating log 

Betta fish love the water’s surface by nature, so they enjoy having debris hanging around the top of their tank. One great way to do this is by offering them a floating log from your local pet store. They often have a hollowed-out center that is the perfect size for a betta fish to swim through. 

If you’re wondering how to play with a betta fish since they’re aquatic, this is your chance—floating betta logs come with a hole at the top where you can drop food down into its tank. Your betta just might thank you by creating a little bubble nest inside its log!

Ping Pong Ball

Betta fish are curious creatures, so they’ll love exploring anything floating on the surface of their tank.

Ping pong balls are a great way to mimic a betta’s natural habitat since they encounter unknown objects in the water. Don’t be surprised if they try hunting down the ping pong ball—bettas will take any chance they can get to stuff their tummies!

Betta Mirror

In reality, you don’t need a special mirror to play with your betta—any small mirror will do.

Bettas are naturally aggressive. So, if they sense a male fish entering their territory, they’ll puff out their fins and attack it. Therefore, mirrors are a wonderful way for your betta to practice its instinctive tendencies.

As a word of caution, while betta fighting is natural, it’s also stressful. Therefore, you should only hold up a mirror to your betta’s tank for a few minutes.


They might seem like a decoration to you, but to your betta, aquarium plants are like a playground. You can add artificial or live plants to your betta’s tank, although live plants are a great way to boost the water’s oxygen concentration.

Bettas love hiding, so plants give them a place to feel safe. Consider grouping plants together throughout the tank to encourage your betta to swim around to find new hiding places.

When choosing plants for your betta fish, make sure they have smooth edges. Otherwise, your betta’s long fins could get snagged in them.

Sunken Log

We already covered a floating log as a betta fish toy, but a sunken log is an equally fun option.

The sunken logs you can purchase from your pet store are ceramic to ensure the log stays in place. When your betta is in a playful mood, it’ll enjoy darting through the log.

Other times, the sunken log will serve as a peaceful hiding spot—especially if you have the lights on in your room and your fish is in the mood for a darker environment.

Leaf Hammock

After all that playing, your betta fish is going to need a rest. What better way to do so than by giving it a leaf hammock toy? 

In their natural habitat, betta fish gravitate towards hanging out in large leaves floating near the water’s surface; it offers safety while resting their fins.

Leaf hammocks mimic such leaves if you know where to place them—we recommend sticking the suction pad two to three inches from the water’s surface. 

Is Your Betta Ready to Play?

With so many economical and fun betta fish toys at your disposal, your betta never needs to feel bored. However, if you sense it no longer interacts with older toys, try taking those toys out and replacing them with new ones. You can then cycle them through, presenting the old toys as if they were new to keep your betta happy and entertained.

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