Betta Fish Bubble Nest [What You Need to Know]

When it grows enough to be ready to breed, a male Betta fish will create a bubble nest. When created, a Betta fish bubble nest usually floats at the top of your tank and looks like a cluster of small bubbles. Male Bettas usually swim under it until a female Betta arrives to mate.

What is a Bubble Nest?

They can be called foam nests too. Some fish and types of frogs produce them. They are actually a floating mass of bubbles produced by oral secretion – saliva bubbles. Male Bettas produce them even when there isn’t a female around. Bubble nests that show up at the top of your tank are a normal sign of male Betta behavior. They come in various sizes and thicknesses and they do not depend on the number of eggs. A male Betta can build a bubble nest constantly, from time to time or when a female shows up. 

Why do Bettas build bubble nests?

Betta Fish Bubble Nest

Building a bubble nest has everything to do with the breeding process.  Sometimes in other conditions like nature, male Bettas form nest bubbles under leaves or floating things at the surface.

Male Bettas guard the nest and wait patiently for a female to spawn with. A Female Betta releases the eggs and a male catches them in its mouth and places them into the nest to guard.

Does a bubble nest mean my Betta is happy?

Making a bubble nest is something completely natural for male Bettas and surely is a sign that your Betta is happy. An unhappy fish won’t be considering making any effort to breed or guard or wait for a female. So if you see a cluster of bubbles floating at the top of your tank that is a good sign that everything is well with your fish and the living conditions you provided for it. Be ready for more after the breeding process.

Should I remove the Betta bubble nest?

Absolutely not, do not remove the Betta bubble nest. But if you want to clean your tank you can do that with great precaution. Bettas do not like filthy tanks. You can freely scoop the nest with a cup and save it until you have cleaned the tank.

After replacing the water, cleaning the filter, vacuuming debris, food and waste, your job is to gently put it back in the tank, it should stay intact. They last until a fish, filter of human interference breaks them.

How do Bettas make bubble nests?

Bettas make bubble nests in different ways but they are usually positioned near some objects. An object itself forms a base for the nest by breaking the surface of the water in a tank. Some kinds of Bettas coat bubble nests with saliva for durability.

Now we will describe how bubble nests are built. If you observe your Betta you must have noticed that it comes up to take the air from the surface of the tank. This is because they are labyrinth fish. An organ called a labyrinth that allows them to breathe regular air too not only processed air through the gills. This organ works like this – a certain amount of air is forced inside of it and placed in the compartments. Then it passes through a membrane covering these compartments and goes directly into the body. With male Bettas, this organ is used to produce bubble nests. Male Bettas use this organ- the labyrinth to inhale the air in and blow out bubbles to make a nest. Watching a Betta building a Betta fish bubble nest is rather interesting.

How to encourage your Betta to make a bubble nest?

You need to encourage your Betta to make a bubble nest providing certain things. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is to provide appropriate conditions in the tank. The right temperature is a must from 76 to 82 degrees.
  2. Secondly, you need to put at least one, preferably two and more live plants big enough to reach the top – surface of the water which will help to hold the nest in place. This is often used to provoke Bettas to build a nest.
  3. Lower the settings on your filter to slow the water and provide calm and still water. 
  4. The water quality has to stay at a high level.
  5. You can use a mirror once in a while and let your Betta see its reflection. This way you will make your Betta think there is someone else in the tank. It will trigger the instinct for territory and showing off resulting in building a bubble nest. 

Final thoughts on Betta fish bubble nest

In the end, you see that making a Betta fish bubble nest is a good perimeter to show that you have a healthy and happy Betta. On the other hand, it is interesting to observe the whole breeding process if you are truly a Betta lover. You need to introduce a female companion to your male Betta, provide the right conditions and enjoy the rest of the process. On the other hand, it is quite OK if you just remove the nest from the tank, your Betta won’t mind. It will make another one when it finds it convenient.

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